Manicures are poised at the delicious melding point of grooming and pleasure. Soft, beautiful, stylish hands and nails are just a few hours away at Paaws 'N' Claaws!

Classic Manicure ₹ 750,-

First, we soak your hands in water with a moisturizing antiseptic solution to detoxify and soften the skin. Then we begin trimming and filing your nails to your desired shape and length. After which we apply a special softening solution to treat and groom the cuticles. Then we either push or cut the cuticles, whichever you prefer. A five minute cream hand massage commences. Now you're ready to apply a nail polish. We let you choose, or we will advise you as to the right shade for your skin tone. You leave our spa with radiant, well-groomed hands!

Mini Manicure ₹ 350,-

The mini manicure is carried out by cutting and filing your natural nails to the desired length and shape. Followed by a Nail Hardener polish application.

French Manicure ₹ 1250,-

This hour long sojourn to relaxation heaven includes a classic manicure followed by a beautifying technique, combined with the French paint technique applied to the nails. Choose between pearl or crystal clear finish. A pure white is painted across the tips of your nails. Our French Manicure nails provide a classy look that is the perfect compliment to your corporate wear, or a sexy evening out.

Hot Oil Manicure ₹ 1250,-

After performing a classic manicure. This 45 minute hot oil procedure is carried out with a soothing soak in your choice of natural oils (Coconut, Aroma, Herbal, Olive, or Almond Oil) meant to revive and replenish your skin's natural texture.

"Man"-ly-cure ₹ 750,-

Because men need pampering too, we offer a manicure to soften rough hands and help make a good impression. After cleansing, shaping, and cuticle care, the next step is to exfoliate and smoothen hands with a mint sea-scrub. We then nourish and massage your hands with an unscented lotion. Finish off with a buff and/or matte polish. We won't tell anyone you were here last week.

Fungus Removal Manicure ₹ 1500,-

Dry Skin Removal Manicure ₹ 1500,-