Nail Art

The Egyptian queens who in the era used to apply red color to their nails, which defined royalty and beauty, invented the basic foundation of nail art years ago! Today the term "nail art" has come a long way.

From funky embellishments to classy crisp colors we have it all. Acrylic nail art, free hand nail art (most popular), rhinestone nail art, 3D nail art, fabric nail art, swarovski nail art, water decals, nail art stickers, nail art printing machines, nail art stamps and the most recent and long lasting (2 weeks without chipping!) addition to the world of nail art is the air-brushing system! Ask us to show you some samples and choose from whatever you like.

Whether you are attending a wedding or going on vacation nail art can be worn at all times! It can be classy or colorful according to your preference and taste. Nail art helps hide those teeny-tiny flaws that are visible up close. Choose from our list of nail art options, which will assist you in picking out your preferred choice, design and procedure.

Paaws 'N' Claaws Nail Art Services

Full Set of Customized Detailed Free Hand Nail Art ₹ 2500,-
Regular Nail Art (per Nail) ₹ 50,-
Water Decals (per Nail) ₹ 50,-
Nail Art Tattoos (per Nail) ₹ 60,-
Fabric Nail Art (per Nail) ₹ 100,-
Swarovski Nail Art (per Nail) ₹ 500,-
Rhinestone Nail Art (per Nail) ₹ 150,-
Full Set of Basic Nail Art ₹ 1550,-
French Polish Hands ₹ 350,-
French Polish Toes ₹ 250,-