Nail Art Workshops

  1. 1-day Basic Nail Art Workshop (5 hours), where you are trained in basic manicures, pedicures, nail polishing and filing techniques, plus 3 basic nail-art methods and designs. This workshop includes all materials/products and a certificate, on completion!

  2. Our 2-week Temporary Nail-Extensions Training Programme includes manicures, pedicures, nail tip extensions, plus 5 nail-art designs. Total training 12 hours. Certificate on completion.

  3. Nail Art Complete Course consists of all 3 levels over 1 month (total training 24 hours): basic, intermediate & advanced. Includes products and certificates.

  4. Nail-Technology Complete Course, 3 months (total training 72 hours). Includes all 3 levels of nail-art, nail extensions, manicures, pedicures, gel nails, spa therapy, nail-polishing, and much more.

For prices and details on any of the above please call us on +91 9820737577.

All the materials and products that you will need during the class are provided by us. We advise you to bring a notepad and pen to take down a few very important notes that will be given to you during the workshop.